Once due diligence was completed, people started making meme videos. A lot of them. Until the "Cellar boxing DD" came out - people started to dig further. Enter here at your own risk if you are familiar with the "Due Diligence section" - the meme videos are there to make you laugh

Here is content from  "The Real DMT"

Wen Lambo


Shirley Gamestop

We like the stock

Wall Street Pharaoh

Game Lord Gamestop

GME Ya Dig

Meme Party

Good Times Gamestop

Orbital Beats

Crimestop - part 2


Co-op mode ft Buttfarm69

Almost MOASS

"Tendie Man" and "The Vibing cat Dance"

"Tendie man"

Tendie man by Zoe Wren

Hype Video 1

"Buying the Dip"

GME Meme compilation