Reason and rationale for backing up the subreddits and other data:

Here, you will find the latest list of posts that exist and that are primarily focused around GME - you can filter by flair, and by author: the downloaded file is just an excel spreadsheet. As this site develops I will add more download links to everything that I have.

This page has largely been rendered obsolete by the dashboard on the front page. please use the dashboard to search for posts.

Reason 1 - The old dd from WSB days has partially been deleted. If the dd is no longer accessible, the story dies. the research dies with it. My idea is to preserve all research for future generations so this can be studied long into the future

Reason 2- There are at least 500+ authors who have published academic level research into the subject - which deserves a safe home. Equally the subreddits have attracted industry experts who have shared their own knowledge in "AMAs"- this ought to be preserved as well

Reason 3-In case of Reddit outage, there should be a way to preserve all DD (due diligence) and research that has been done. certain sites, like are currently being shadow banned online - they ought to have a safe home

Reason 4- Thanks to decentralised technologies, the research that has been collected will live on to 2025, 2045 and 2163 and beyond. The plan is to scale and release the links to all research via IPFS and other WEB3 technologies as they mature

What is Resilio and how to access the data

The simplest explanation of resilio is Dropbox meets bittorent techonology. Resilio allows a group of machines to sync and store data, not having to rely on a single server for file sync. Resilio provides a simple way to share from 1MB of data to 100TB of data, whatever the size 0  without requiring any servers. What is more, with read only access, which all the archives below are, it is not possible to modify or sabotage data that is already in the archive. Once the archive is live, you can share the archive by sharing the readonly key with another machine or another user.

If you are unfamiliar PLEASE READ THROUGH THE RESILIO guide before downloading anything or use the torrent links if that is more convenient.

quick start guide

 (from resilio archive YT channel): - you will only need to create a folder where you want to store the downloaded files and copy the key(s) below to download the data.


BEFORE YOU ADD ANY KEYS HERE, MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING: AKA - your username that you create within resilio will be public, just like a torrent link, you will see the usernames of everyone who has also synced the same key.

IF in doubt on how to use resilio please use the torrent links further down the page - they are not "live" and they dont update with new content, but they may be easier to use for you.



 20gb of Due diligence research and a small collection of videos: read only key

Resilio READONLYKEY (paste into resilio sync user interface to sync): BTR5VVWU5UPLASE3HVQ3RUY7FOQ5JVVDF 

Size: approx 20gb uncompressed


full list of all posts that were ever created from november 2020, plus all mass media articles and other files

READONLYKEY: Pending, will update here

Size: approx 100mb uncompressed, just just the links to the data, not the data itself.


full list of all posts that were ever created from november 2020, including full backups of all posts, all due diligence, all research, and all discussions: approximate size: 2.5TB

READONLYKEY: Pending, will update here


Absolutely all research: will only be published in case REDDIT goes down. will be split into multiple resilio keys by content type. WIll also include torrent links

Approximate size: at least 2TB, up to 50-60tb, depending on amount of content collected / documented.

READONLYKEY 1: Pending, will update here

READONLYKEY 2: Pending, will update here

READONLYKEY 3: Pending, will update here

READONLYKEY 4: Pending, will update here


Torrent archives:

1-all media articles from nov 2020 to June 2021: Have a look at the "DD archive" to see what theories were postulated as to the rise of "meme stocks" aka BASKET SWAP THEORY.


2-all Posts from Reddit, summarised by author, flair (is it a meme, is it a due dilegence post, etc) and time. Some notable authors: /u/criand, /u/Get-it-Got, (and the share ownership surveys) and many many more. 


Approx Size:300MB

3-A small version of the DD archive: note you will need both torrent 2 and 3 to be able to search by "ID" in the excel file and then search for a similar file in the downloaded archive: total size ~35GB, this is not everything, its just a decent sample of what is available.

Magnet Link (paste into your torrent client): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c62d1d1cda22372f77f5106b638d8dfee101fde3&dn=main%5Fdd%5Ffiiles%5Fpossible%5Fduplication&