Since January 2021, there have been several migrations from one subreddit to another, due to the old subreddit,Wallstreetbets being taken over by bots.

  • Yet it is the most commonly mentioned subreddit in the media.
  • There is a collection of due diligence that has been created by  /u/zedinstead - - its currently the easiest accessible version outside of Reddit.
  • The second way of accessing the due diligence is through my very own library of all data and all research that lags by about a week.
  • You can find the links to the torrent and Resilio archives here. If you do not know how to use Resilio, please read through the documentation - your username that you create will be visible to all users who "sync" the same key. 

Instructions for what Resilio is below, and also on their official website.